Live, Play & Invest in CENTRAL FLORIDA 

Central Florida is constantly building, changing and growing many venues for culture and arts exhibits. The community is also developing in the education, technology and medical fields. 

The recent changes to Central Florida will help build a stronger community, a stronger local economy, more entertainment options for Central Floridans.  

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Central Florida Key Facts:

1)  Young, Diverse, Educated Workforce - Two thirds of Orlando residents are under the age of 44, and one third have obtained a college degree. The young, educated residents of Orlando are what makes businesses in the region thrive. 

2.)  Access, Access, Access - Central Florida is home to three international airports, two deep water ports and extensive road and rail systems. These developments allow for 50 million vistors each year. International business is a breeze with so many ways to get in, out and around the region. 

3.)  Beatiful Neghborhoods - Metro Orlando, called "The City Beautiful" offers a variety of lifestyle options to meet every person's needs. Filled with urban high rises and countryside retreats, Central Florida has it all! 

4.)  The 'Livability Factor - Central Florida has close proximity to beaches, lakes, springs, theme parks, outlet shopping, entertainment and nature trails. Year round beautiful weather make all of these amenities enjoyable!

5.) Tech Industry Hub - Central Florida's second largest industry is technology. The technology industry in Central Florida employs close to 53,000 people.  


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